Knowing About Cardiac Rehabilitation

A cardiac-event may debilitate you both physically as well as mentally. Getting back to your usual life following a major heart event can be difficult. It is natural for you to feel angry, fearful, anxious, all at once. This is where ‘Cardiac Rehabilitation’ comes into the picture.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a programme in which patients, families and medical professionals work together to achieve optimal heart health for the patient.

It supports you as you get back to living your life following a cardiac event.

Cardiac Rehabilitation (also called Cardiac Rehab) programs offer customized one-on-one advice and support packages to people recovering from heart- related conditions and procedures. It provides thoughtfully designed diet, exercise, lifestyle management, and recommendation that best fit your condition, age and habits.

This specialized and customized support system includes nutrition, medication use, and general lifestyle recommendations to help you fortify and safeguard your heart health and be hale and hearty in the long run.

Consider it as a personal trainer who designs a regimen specific to your needs to help you achieve your goals.

The target of any cardiac rehabilitation program is to decrease the risk of future heart problems and to help you lead a richer and more productive life in spite of your heart issues.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program | Angina Awareness India

Education is an important part of cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehabilitation aims at empowering you to take charge of your condition. You will receive:

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Cardiac rehabilitation is ideal for people with mild, moderate or major heart problems. It is especially advantageous to those who have:

Cardiac rehabilitation aims to not only help you reach your physical best but also to help you mentally equip yourself to get back to normal life with gusto!

Medical Goals

  • Improve heart function
  • Reduce symptoms like pain and breathlessness
  • Prevent further heart events
  • Prevent progression of the condition

Behavioral Goals

  • Improve confidence
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate depression

Social Goals

  • Promote a return to work
  • Improve functional capacity
  • Connect people who have same issues
  • Lend support

The ultimate purpose of this entire process is to protect you from further heart issues and enhance your quality of life. Cardiac rehabilitation is a great reminder that there can be normal life following a heart attack so long as you take corrective steps.

Cardiac rehabilitation plays a vital role in improving your heart health following a cardiac surgery. This video, available in 5 regional languages, is aimed to provide you with an overall understanding of the cardiac rehabilitation program.