How Angina Affects Work

Angina is not just a condition, it is a wake-up call, a warning signal that there is something gravely wrong with your heart.

A diagnosis of angina can be a shocker, but it can also be a life-saver as it compels you to make certain lifestyle changes that can alter the course of your future health.

It is quite possible for one to live well with angina, but the question that arises is whether or not one can go back to a demanding work environment after being diagnosed with angina.

Well, it primarily depends on the underlying cause of your angina, the level of severity of the attack, the type of work you do (for example, is it physically strenuous?), and lastly on your own stress levels.

Some factors that can bring on an episode of angina in the workplace are discussed below.

Physical exertion

Stable angina is a type of angina that is triggered by physical exertion.

If your job is physically demanding it may put pressure on your ailing heart and bring on an angina attack.

You may need to consider other options to manage work alongside your angina or at least work for shorter hours. You should take a break every time you feel breathless, or experience angina pain, or chest tightness.

Exposure to extreme temperature

Some workplaces like labs and storehouses are maintained at low temperatures and others like glass furnaces and mines are extremely hot. Both extremes of temperatures can trigger a bout of angina pain.

If you work in such a setting, you may need to consider alternatives.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress is an inevitable part of life. While it cannot be avoided, what can be controlled, however, is your response to stress. To avoid an angina pain attack, you must develop strategies to cope with stress.

Meditation, yoga, and mental relaxation are some common ways of coping. Stress management is vital to warding off a bout of angina pain.

It is necessary that you discuss your return to work with your doctor to make sure that it is right for you.

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